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Information on is now listed in alphabetical order for easy retrieval. Please notice the letters beneath the ? at top of far left. White letters are ready to be explored while grey letters are still under construction. The long term plan is to have catalogued all of Lee's finished works, in progress research, photographs from travel, and an occassional essay. This part of the website is a glimps into his sketchbooks. To borrow a correspondence ending from his friend, Bill, "Enjoy."

Notable Features

explain all of the features of site in animation?


"open" use my work as you like... please at least give me credit.

Unless labeled as "Property of Other" or is a photographic representation of individuals, all content of may be used commercially and privately. If a letter of consent is desired, please send us a request. We reserve the right to deny use when we see fit.

Your contribution supports our policy of allowing free and unrestricted access to our digital products and research in hope of fostering diverse perspectives and imaginative thinking. We value your recognition and need your monetary support. Also visit our store on called SapioSexual
Commissions to create custom work is accepted. Contact us by phone or email found below. - 16 Newton Street APT 2 - Waltham, MA 02453 - 617 678 9836 - - Friend Me? newer work download my photos for free Just for fun art and design pros, please join me