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As a gift to revive your imagination, all works and research found on may be downloaded and used for commercial or personal purposes without our consent as stated in the open statement. We reserve the right to deny use whenever we see fit. Most of our works are already in pdf format ready for your to just save; also right click (pc) or hold control then click (Mac) with the cursor on images and animations anywhere on this site to save.

Additional downloads also found at our store on Etsy: The Literal Lateral Archives where we are grateful for your purchase of our signed products to support our cause; regardless, we offer unsigned versions gratis to stimulate new perspectives.

Class Notes

One of our most downloaded products are the class notes Lee continues to create for the various classes that he teaches. These valuable references may be found under the respective course descriptions in our catalog. If you have receive a link directly from Lee, then it should work regardless of changes to this webpage; if not, please contact us. We apologize for the error on our part.

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While developing our own website, we have found others that prove useful and interesting. They include web design tools, links to other artists' sites, nice products, cleaver theories; etc. Click here for a list by subject in white box above

figure study 1

Figure Study 1 - graphite on paper - 16"x24" - 2000

figure study 2

Figure Study 2 - graphite on paper - 16"x24" - 2000

Nude on Coach

Figure Study 3 - oil on board - 11"x16" - 1996

Nude in Room

Figure Study 4 - graphite on paper- 36"x48" - 1994


Fiorenza - 3"x5" - gouache - 2000

fontana di trevi

La Fontana di Trevi - 4"x6" - pen on paper - 1997


Fortune Longevity - digital - 2013 - private collection


Friends - acrylic on unstretch canvas - 62"x54" - 1994 - private collection

Unless labeled as "Property of Other" or is a photographic representation of individuals, all content of may be used commercially and privately. If a letter of consent is desired, please send us a request. We reserve the right to deny use when we see fit.

Your contribution supports our policy of allowing free and unrestricted access to our digital products and research in hope of fostering diverse perspectives and imaginative thinking. We value your recognition and need your monetary support. Also visit our store on called SapioSexual
Commissions to create custom work is accepted. Contact us by phone or email found below. - 16 Newton Street APT 2 - Waltham, MA 02453 - 617 678 9836 - - Friend Me? newer work download my photos for free Just for fun art and design pros, please join me