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Works of Digital Format

Photoshop, Flash, photography, HTML, PHP, CSS, and more

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"Digiing" is a verb and noun coined to represent digital image making, editing, and presentation; traditional painting and drawing may have been used to initiate some works. Animation and web page design are explored in addition to digital photography and various methods of creating still images.

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Delta - 11"x17" - digital - 2013

color mixing

Delta: Color Mixing Diagram - 11"x17" - digital - 2013


Divisions 1 - photograph - digital - 2002


Drainage, Bangkok - photograph - digital - 2004


Drainage, Cuba - photograph - digital - 2000


Drainage, Ireland - photograph - digital - 2002


Drainage Stair, Bangkok - photograph - digital - 2004

Unless labeled as "Property of Other" or is a photographic representation of individuals, all content of may be used commercially and privately. If a letter of consent is desired, please send us a request. We reserve the right to deny use when we see fit.

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