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C for Color Studies and more...

M Ordinary demonstrates Color Mixing

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With encouragement from Carl Fasano, Lee's teacher at the Rhode Island School of Design, Lee began his investigation of light in 2000. Many relics created from his research can be seen throughout this site; however, they are grouped here for your viewing pleasure. Click here for a list works in white box above to be used and downloaded.

Lee Su offers in-depth classes in color theory designed for artists who desire a scientific point of view (see course catalog). Please contact us with questions and to reserve your time.

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Campo dei Fiori

Campo dei Fiori, Rome - digital photograph - 35mm - 1998


Quiet Cenci, Rome - photograph - 35mm - 1998

centro fotographico

Centro Fotografico - 2sheets 6"x6" - gouache - 2005


Chairs, Florence - photograph - 35mm - 1997

Chiesa Nuova

Chiesa Nuova, Assisi - pen on paper - 4"x6" - 1997


Color Omega - digital - 2011


Color Delta - 11"x17" - digital - 2013

color mixing

Color Delta: Color Mixing Diagram - 11"x17" - digital - 2013


(Remaking of) Color Wheel - digital - 2013


Colgate Competition - board 1 of 2 - digital - 2010
(Finalist in Colgate Competition)

color study 01

Color Study 1 - oil on board - 20"x16" - 2002

homage to carl fasano

Color Study 2 - oil on board - 8"x12" - 2002
(Homage to Carl Fasano)


Convent - gouache - 6"x6" - 2004


Christianism - photo collage - digital - 2004

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